Watch the Complete Evolution of the Terminator’s Killer Robots


Many movies, books, and TV shows predict an AI and robot apocalypse. But which one first pops into your mind when you hear killer robots? We’ll wager it’s the Terminator. From its inception in 1984, there have been five movies (including the just released Terminator Genisys), a television series, comics, and video games.

No doubt you are already somewhat familiar with the evolution of the namesake robots. The most advanced version went from a skin-and-metal bodybuilder with a German accent to a near-indestructible liquid metal bot able to morph into a replicate of any human it encounters.

What you might not know is the full franchise outlines the technology’s evolution in far more detail, introducing no fewer than 15 discrete models of killer robot end to end.

Even though we’ve staved off Terminator’s oft-rescheduled Judgment Day for at least another year—it’s worth four minutes on a Friday to take a complete tour of this iconic vision of robots run amok.

(Hat tip to io9 for an awesome video. SPOILER ALERT: There’s information on the T-3000 from Terminator Genisys. Although it did appear in a trailer, if you’d rather not know more before seeing the movie, don’t watch the end.)

Image Credit: The Terminator/io9/YouTube

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