New Series on Exponential Entrepreneurs Launches Today

-Stories are a communal currency of humanity.- -Tahir Shah

Behind every great leader is a distinct journey—a trail of unique moments, memories, and experiences that, when woven together, make the individual into who they are.

The stories of inspiring leaders, however, are often documented at pinnacle moments and crafted into retrospectively polished plots—stories a few steps removed from the struggle, the grit, and the daily grind leading to that point of celebration.

Ana Cecilia Benatuil. Venezuela. Miami GIC Winner.

But the track to becoming a great leader—especially as an entrepreneur—is neither neat nor clearly defined and rarely is it documented in the heat of the moment.

We’re pulling the curtain back with our new collection, Exponential Entrepreneurs, to showcase human-centered portraits of the work and journeys of eight individuals from our Graduate Studies Program (GSP) 2015 class.

Over the next two months we’ll be featuring a new story each Thursday chronicling a bold and compassionate leader in the midst of their own climb.

DSC_0644 (1)
Einstein Ntim. Ghana and the U.K.

Each individual brings a unique story and vision: Whether it’s an MD from Copenhagen reimagining how we treat cardiac arrest, a mechanical engineer from British Columbia tackling autism, an entrepreneur from Baghdad helping to build the largest creative community in Iraq, or a sustainable architect from Venezuela envisioning the future of cities in Miami.

Emilia Lahti. Finland.

These are the stories of eight individuals from different countries, continents, industries, and professions—but each is aiming to positively impact the world through their work and by leveraging emerging technologies. These are exponential entrepreneurs.

What inspires your journey? We’d love to know.

Connect with me on twitter @DigitAlison or @SingularityHub to let us know and follow the series.  

Photography shot by: Alison Berman

Alison E. Berman
Alison E. Berman
Alison tells the stories of purpose-driven leaders and is fascinated by various intersections of technology and society. When not keeping a finger on the pulse of all things Singularity University, you'll likely find Alison in the woods sipping coffee and reading philosophy (new book recommendations are welcome).
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