Earlier this week on the Nerdist podcast Seth Rogen said that he and writer/producer Evan Goldberg would be making a comedy series based entirely on Ray Kurzweil’s theories from The Singularity is Near.

Said Rogen of the type of nanotechnology that is the basis for Kurzweil’s predictions:

Oh, it’s happening, it’s super scary and we’re trying to make a comedy about it.

Nanotechnology can indeed be scary as hell, but it’s also ridiculously exciting. Ray Kurzweil himself, for instance, believes nanotech will lead the way in the next biomedical revolution.

We’re anxious to see a comedic spin on the subject, and are always excited about mediums that introduce the possibilities and concepts of exponential technologies to new masses.

Hear about Ray’s theories on the singularity, and the tech leading up to it from the man himself:

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