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Matthew Straub

Matthew Straub

Matthew focuses on digital content strategies and social media for Singularity Hub and Singularity University, constantly wondering about the future of digital media and information distribution. Previously, he was a co-founder and Director of Communications for IDEAco, an educational Singularity University Labs nonprofit.

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7 of Our Most Viral Hits on Tech and the Future in 2016

Everyone wants to know what’s coming. At Singularity University, faculty are constantly bombarded with questions about what’s next. At Singularity Hub, we’re trying to keep our wits about us as our staff, editors, contributors, faculty,...

Lung Cancer Patient First to Undergo CRISPR Gene Editing

The CRISPR-Cas9 “drag-and-drop” gene editing technique has been used in its first human trial, reports Nature. Scientists at Sichuan University in Chengdu, China began a trial last month to treat a lung cancer patient....

This Week’s Awesome Stories From Around the Web (Through November 12)

Revisiting the first self-driving car in 1986 gives us an idea of how long this tech has been in the works, paving the way for today's machine learning of books and video games and,...

Teslas Are Teaching Each Other How to Drive Better Than You

Your Tesla can drive itself. Not just on the highway, not under strict guidance, but everywhere. Or at least, it will have all the necessary gadgets to do so soon. We are excited to announce...

Ask an Expert: How Snowden Can Help SETI

Every week, Singularity University’s YouTube channel debuts a new episode of Ask an Expert, a Twitter-sourced Q&A with experts answering questions about everything from living forever to the unexpected ways blockchain will change humanity. This week, former director of the NASA...

Taking the Pulse of Medtech With the Exponential Medicine MEDy Awards

While incredible technologies are being developed to treat various diseases, the wisest startups seem to focus on preventative measures, anticipating a world—and marketplace—where diseases are minimized or avoided entirely. Singularity University’s annual Exponential Medicine conference...

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