An Innovator’s City Guide to Cairo, Egypt

One of Egypt’s major assets in addition to its central location between Africa, Europe, and Asia is Cairo’s huge pool of youth and talent. The city has become a hub for tech leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs and has experienced strong growth in mobile and web-based industries. The startup market has been quietly growing in recent years, bringing with it a booming ecosystem for entrepreneurs in finance, policy, education, infrastructure, and other sectors.

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Your City Guide to Cairo, Egypt

Top industries in the city: Manufacturing, agriculture, retail, construction, and an emerging information and communication technology sector.

1. Coworking Space: KMT House and AlMaqarr

KMT House, situated in a green suburban district south of Cairo, is a home for urban innovators in Egypt. The house offers coworking and café space, event venues, digital fabrication labs, and an outdoor workspace in the garden.

With locations in downtown Cairo and Heliopolis, AlMaqarr hosts a vibrant and diverse community of young innovators. In addition to its shared office and event venue spaces, AlMaqarr regularly organizes social events and workshops on a wide range of topics from entrepreneurship to art.

KMT coworking space.

2. Makerspace: Fab Lab New Cairo (FLiNC)

Located in a suburb east of Cairo, Fab Lab New Cairo is a makerspace and fabrication lab inside a Giza Systems office building. The space provides access to digital fabrication equipment such as 3D printing, CNC-milling, circuit production, and laser cutting.


Fab Lab makerspace.

3. Local meetups/networks: Global Shapers Community Cairo Hub

Born out of the World Economic Forum, the Global Shapers Community is a network of highly committed young achievers working to support their local, regional, and global communities.

4. Best coffee shop with free WiFi: Beano’s

Beano’s cafes, with locations throughout Cairo, are great for informal hangouts, meetings, and catching up on email.


5. The startup neighborhood: GrEEK Campus

The GrEEK Campus, launched in 2013, is a technology and innovation hub in downtown Cairo. It hosts events, workshops, and conferences for startups and entrepreneurs.

6. Well-known investor or venture capitalist: Algebra Ventures

Algebra Ventures is an Egyptian venture capital firm known for funding successful tech startups in the region. Founded by an experienced team, Algebra looks for companies working in areas including core technology, fintech, and e-commerce.

7. Best way to get around: Careem & Uber

Careem and Uber are ride-hailing services available in Cairo. Both take cash or credit. Download the apps and check availability based on your location.

8. Local must-have dish and where to get it: Zooba

Zooba is a hip twist on traditional Egyptian street food. It has several locations around Cairo including Zamalek, Maadi, Korba, Citystars, and Downtown Mall, as well as a delivery option to any location in Cairo. Must-have dishes include foul, taameya, and koshary.

9. City’s best-kept secret: Aquarium Grotto Garden

Over 150 years ago, the viceroy of Egypt and Sudan, Khedive Ismail, built the Aquarium Grotto Garden on Zamalek Island. The garden’s clay formations are shaped like fish gills, and fish from the Nile and elsewhere used to live in its hollowed out caverns. On weekends, the garden hosts a variety of handicrafts, food markets, and festivals.

10. Touristy must-do: Pyramids of Giza

A survivor of the ancient Greeks’ Seven Wonders of the World, the pyramids at Giza and their iconic Sphinx are the world’s oldest tourist attraction. You can take a tour with a guide or explore on your own.

Image Credit: Kanuman / Shutterstock

11. Local volunteering opportunity: Safarni

Safarni brings the cultural experience of traveling to kids who cannot afford to travel. Children in Safarni’s program embark on an imaginary journey to a new country where they are introduced to the local culture through language, food, games, dances, and songs.

12. Local University with great resources: The American University in Cairo

Located on the east side of Cairo and founded in 1919, the American University in Cairo (AUC) is an independent, English-language research university and a vital contributor to the intellectual, cultural, and educational life of Egypt. It hosts 16 research centers that promote collaborative multidisciplinary research and strong links between academia and industry.

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Image Credits: Maie ElZeiny

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Maie ElZeiny
Maie ElZeiny
Maie El Zeiny is an innovation and entrepreneurship enthusiast with a keen interest in impact and purpose driven technology startups, with over 8 years of professional experience in entrepreneurship programs design and management and working alongside a large network of professionals and leaders in entrepreneurship, innovation, and academia in Egypt. Maie is also an entrepreneurship trainer supporting aspiring entrepreneurs plan, validate and build their businesses. Over the years, Maie has become an expert in navigating through the chaos of the early-stage creative process of innovation, and transforming ideas into final products ready for the market and their first clients and beneficiaries. With a background in computer science, and experience setting up her own start-up, Maie brings with her a strong passion and expertise in all aspects of entrepreneurship and mentoring multi-sectored innovators.
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