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Jason Ganz

Jason Ganz

Jason Ganz is the CEO of Agora VR, a company dedicated to spreading big ideas in virtual reality. He's a tech optimist and startup junky who is thrilled to be living in the most exciting time in human history. You can get in touch with him at @jasnonaz and follow his work @agoraVR. For consulting and speaking engagements please contact

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Here’s How to Make the Best of Virtual Reality—and Avoid the Worst

“I can’t wait to see the art that people make with this.” Those were the first words from my friend Ryan after spending ten minutes in virtual reality. He’d just tried Tilt Brush, an incredible...

Get Ready to Love Math With This Sweet VR Calculator

“Our universe isn’t just described by math, but it is math in the sense that we’re all parts of a giant mathematical object.” – Max Tegmark I knew virtual reality was going to make mathematical education...

No Technology Thrives Alone: Progress Is All About Convergence

15 years ago, Ray Kurzweil published one of the most significant essays in the history of futurism: “The Law of Accelerating Returns.” This piece showcased the immense power of exponential technology versus linear technology...

3 Actionable Insights From the Singularity University Global Summit Expo Floor

Walking onto the expo floor at Singularity University Global Summit is an exhilarating and overwhelming experience. Packed with rows and booths of cutting-edge companies, it’s like being a kid in candy store, except all...

VR Pioneer Chris Milk: Virtual Reality Will Mirror Life Like Nothing Else Before

“I don’t think the future of VR looks like video games; I don’t think it looks like cinematic VR; I think it looks like stories from our real lives. It’s the most amazing afternoon you’ve...

Pokemon Go Is a Glimpse of Our Augmented Reality Future

As every child knows, the world is a place of wonder, magic and adventure. A walk through the forest becomes a journey into the lair of an ancient dragon or a hunt for ancient...

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