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Leigh Manson

Leigh is a structural engineer and freelance writer. She enjoys coding, playing the piano, and getting past the learning curve when gaining new skills.

From This Author

It’s Time to Make Social Media More Responsible

The average person spends about two hours a day on social media platforms. If that sounds like a lot, it’s nothing compared to the nine daily hours the average teenager devotes to social media....

For a Bright Future of Work, Focus on Purpose

Can you think of more than one industry whose workers aren’t worried about losing their jobs to robots or computers? Automation seems to be sweeping through companies relentlessly—canceling out obsolete jobs, creating new types...

Tech Interfaces Need to Get Better. Extended Reality Can Help

Throughout history, we have used tools—hammers, canes, paintbrushes—as natural extensions of our bodies. These tools seem to disappear into our hands. But today’s electronic devices are unlike the simple tools of the past; they’re...

4 Startups Using AI to Solve 4 Totally Different Problems

AI is one of the biggest buzzwords in tech (and in general) these days, and there’s no question AI gets a lot of hype, both for better and for worse. But the latest round...

What’s Disrupting How We Produce Energy—and How We Use It

“Where did solar energy get its start?” Ramez Naam asked in a presentation at Singularity University’s Global Summit. Naam, a computer scientist and award-winning science fiction author, has in recent years turned his attention...

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