Our Robot Culture: Bots Conquer Commercials (video)

Robots can sell you anything. Especially other machines.

You know you’ve started to accept robots when you’ll buy something just because they tell you too. For decades we’ve been using our metal minions overlords to pimp everything from motor oil to bathroom tissue, but it seems like the trend has really taken off in the last few years. Or maybe these commercials are simply getting better. I swear, I actually feel bad when robots have a hard day, or can’t seem to catch a break around the office. Does that make me weird, or are robots really becoming more sympathetic? Watch the videos below and judge for yourself. I’m not sure why, but I suddenly have the urge to buy a lot of products I don’t need. Curse you, commercials, and your cute little robots too!

Here’s a recent ad from Logitech featuring a robot that could stand in for any 9-5 office slave. Sad faces like this are why we build robots without emotions, people.

This is the famous ‘Jeffrey’ TV spot from Intel that aired during the last Super Bowl. I wonder if they’ll shell out the big bucks again next year.

Or maybe you prefer your bots to be free of angst and full of child-like delight:

It’s not just single commercials either. The poorly named JackBot has become an official spokes-machine for the Mega Millions Lottery in North Carolina. Check out his work below. Not the coolest looking robot out there, but he definitely stays on message.

As if we don’t have enough worries about robotic replicants replacing us, here’s an energy drink commercial that encourages the practice:

Are the latest wave of robot commercials a sign that we’re ready to adopt them into our society? Maybe, but if that’s the case we’ve been ready for their arrival for a really long time. I’ll leave you with a classic from 1981. Enjoy the crazy robot antics while you can. Some day their metallic pincers could be squeezing you.

[screen capture credit: Logitech]

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