Singularity University Expands Further – Acquires Singularity Summit

Singularity University Continues to Expand – Acquires Singularity Summit

Just before closing out an exciting year, Singularity University (SU) has made yet another announcement — the acquisition of the Singularity Summit, one of the premier annual conferences on the future of artificial intelligence now in its sixth year.

You may recall that in November, Singularity Hub announced that it had also been acquired by SU, becoming a significant part of the online media presence for the University. Coming weeks later, this latest addition continues SU’s efforts to expand its global network aimed at providing educational content and inspiring innovation in technologies that tackle the world’s grand challenges.

The acquisition is effectively a transition of the popular Summit from Singularity Institute to SU along with the domain, though the Institute will serve as co-producers of the Summit in the coming years. As part of the agreement, the Singularity Institute will rebrand under a new name, so that the organization can continue its AI-focused research efforts without creating confusion around the “singularity” brand.

Along with the popular Graduate Studies Program and Executive Programs, this move provides SU with yet another platform “to equip leaders with awareness about the disruptive implications and opportunities of accelerating technologies” as stated by CEO Rob Nail in the press release. Furthermore, Singularity Summit will likely be expanded beyond AI and robotics to cover all the future-focused technological tracks that are part of SU’s core curriculum.

If you love thinking about the future and all things related to the singularity, the changes that SU has undergone this year are exciting. These efforts bring both physical venues and online media into one consolidated family passionate about technologies that are transforming the world.

For Singularity Hub members, the acquisition means more opportunities to get discounts and access to exclusive video from conferences. And if you weren’t able to attend the Summit this year, you can watch videos of the presentations here.

To see how all of these changes gel in the coming year, stay tuned to Singularity Hub.

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