Sci-Fi Short “Restitution” Explores Whether Humans Are Ethically Ready for Cloning’s Consequences


Among the spectrum of technological innovations that are potentially forthcoming, human cloning is among the most debated and ethically ambiguous. In his award-winning sci-fi short, Restitution, writer/director Justin Miller explores human cloning and the lengths a broken family will go to to feel whole again:

Architect and workaholic Preston Sanders struggles to reconcile with his wife Susan after the recent death of their oldest child. Their relationship is further strained when Preston discovers that his wife has resorted to an unconventional coping mechanism: cloning their youngest son.


While weighed down by some wooden dialogue, this film shines when it shows rather than tells. The clever computing technology Preston uses to work is seamlessly integrated, suggesting that in the future, technology may be so intuitive, it’ll be practically invisible.

The short’s ending reflects the difficult situation we contend with even now: with access to extraordinary advanced technologies, have our emotional and rational abilities advanced at the same rate?

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