What Will ‘Drag and Drop’ Gene Editing Do for You? Find Out on Ask an Expert [Video]


Biotechnology is moving blindingly fast: From $1,000 human genome sequencing to CRISPR gene editing, we’re approaching an era when scientists can edit and rewrite the source code of life. Physicist and mathematician Freeman Dyson beautifully put it like this: “A new generation of artists will be writing genomes as fluently as Blake and Byron wrote verses.” The prospect terrifies some and excites others.

But is “drag-and-drop” gene editing overhyped? And what can biotechnology do for us?

Raymond McCauley, chair of the biotech track at Singularity University and co-founder and chief architect of Biocurious, answers questions about biotechnology and bioinformatics and digital biology. Some of the topics covered this week include CRISPR gene editing and biohacking our way out of poverty.

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