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Analysis and insight on entrepreneurship. Stay updated as Singularity Hub discusses the most important trends in entrepreneurship.

Singularity University Features Female Entrepreneurs at CROWDFUNDxWOMEN

There aren’t enough women in tech. It’s an often repeated refrain. Raising capital can be daunting for any new business, but sometimes for reasons beyond merit, the road can be more challenging for female technology entrepreneurs. Singularity University recently partnered with Crowdfunder to bring promising new startups and the women leading them together with investors.

Mars One Announces Lockheed Martin Partnership, Crowdfunding for 2018 Mars Mission

Mars One, the private organization proposing to colonize Mars by 2025, recently announced Lockheed Martin is working on a mission concept study for a Mars lander based on their 2007 Phoenix lander. Mars One also recently launched a $400,000 Indiegogo campaign to fund the mission concept studies. Mars One says they hope the campaign will “show [their] partners and sponsors that the world is ready for this to happen.”

What Will Happen 5 Days Before The Singularity? “I’s” Feature Film Aims To Find Out

Sci-fi films have a long history of speculating what the future might be like, seeking to understand what remnants of humanity will continue on when the world may undergo drastic change. More realistic projections...

Medical Tricorder Startup Scanadu Scout Raises Over $1.3M With Two Weeks Left

Over the years, it has become increasingly evident that Star Trek is a highly influential -- if not the most influential -- work in science fiction that has inspired generations of people to pursue...

Crowdfunding Star Wars — Kickstarter Campaign For Death Star Construction Aims To Raise $30M

The folks at Kickstarter have given the green light to two projects near-and-dear to the hearts of geeks, techies and futurists alike: the construction of a Death Star and a desperate call to fund X-wing fighters for the Rebel Alliance.

Keyless Entry Via Smartphone With Lockitron Takes Off

The smartphone is quickly becoming the 21st century Swiss army knife. Beyond being able to make calls, send messages, play games, and surf the web with it, both Google and Apple have enabled devices to...

Android-Based Game Console Closing Out Record-Breaking Kickstarter Campaign

Tired of feeling boxed in by your game console? Then rush over to Kickstarter and get ready to throw your money at the screen. Ouya (pronounced "ooo-yah!"), the widely publicized new platform, is an...

4-Year-Old’s Missing Gene Discovered Through Crowdfunded Sequencing

Crowdfunding is starting to accomplish some pretty impressive feats beyond video game reboots and smartphone-linked watches on Kickstarter. In mid-July, the nonprofit organization Rare Genomics Institute (RGI), which sequences genomes of children with rare...

BillGuard Raises $10 Million To Protect Your Credit Cards, Detect Fraud, and Save You Money

Credit card fraud accounts for billions of dollars of lost money to consumers every year. BillGuard wants to return that cash to its customers, and it's doing it for free. The second place startup...

Forget The Big Banks, BankSimple Will Provide The Same Services Without Screwing You Over

Overdraft penalties, hidden charges, ATM fees – mainstream banks have come up with a myriad of ways for separating you from your money. BankSimple not only wants to put an end to the leaching,...

Unlock Your Door With Your Phone, Text a Key to a Friend – Lockitron is Awesome (video)

It's time for your front door to go high tech. The aptly named Lockitron is an electronic door lock you can control via your phone. You may never need keys again, but the Lockitron...

Heartland Robotics To Make A $5000 Industrial Robot?

Rodney Brooks is making news by keeping his mouth shut. After leaving iRobot (so long, Roomba!), and retiring from MIT, one of the most famous names in robotics has been silently building his new...

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