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BillGuard Raises $10 Million To Protect Your Credit Cards, Detect Fraud, and Save You Money

Credit card fraud accounts for billions of dollars of lost money to consumers every year. BillGuard wants to return that cash to its customers, and it's doing it for free. The second place startup...

Forget The Big Banks, BankSimple Will Provide The Same Services Without Screwing You Over

Overdraft penalties, hidden charges, ATM fees – mainstream banks have come up with a myriad of ways for separating you from your money. BankSimple not only wants to put an end to the leaching,...

Unlock Your Door With Your Phone, Text a Key to a Friend – Lockitron is Awesome (video)

It's time for your front door to go high tech. The aptly named Lockitron is an electronic door lock you can control via your phone. You may never need keys again, but the Lockitron...

Heartland Robotics To Make A $5000 Industrial Robot?

Rodney Brooks is making news by keeping his mouth shut. After leaving iRobot (so long, Roomba!), and retiring from MIT, one of the most famous names in robotics has been silently building his new...

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