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Singularity Hub Staff

Singularity Hub Staff

Singularity Hub chronicles technological progress by highlighting the breakthroughs and issues shaping the future as well as supporting a global community of smart, passionate, action-oriented people who want to change the world.

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Neil Jacobstein, Executive Program December 2011 Singularity University

AI and Robotics Co-Chair Neil Jacobstein considers various Artificial Intelligence application systems.

Daniel Kraft, Executive Program December 2011 Singularity University

Singularity University's Medicine and Neuroscience Chair Daniel Kraft speaks about changes in healthcare and how technology is being leveraged to make healthcare faster, smarter, and better.

Brad Templeton, Executive Program December 2011 Singularity University

Singularity University's Networks & Computing Chair Brad Templeton talks about network security, privacy, and scalability.

Peter Diamandis, Part 2 Executive Program December 2012 Singularity University

Singularity University Co-Founder and Chairman Peter Diamandis discusses exponential changes in human development and technology, focusing on how to think in exponential terms.

Peter Diamandis, Part 1 Executive Program December 2011 Singularity University

Singularity University Co-founder and Chairman Peter Diamandis considers what drives innovation and breakthroughs.

Lucky Gunasekara Executive Program December 2012 Singularity University

Lucky Gunasekara discusses leveraging big data for managing infectious disease outbreaks.

Andrew Hessel, Part 2, Executive Program December 2011 Singularity University

Singularity University Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Faculty Member Andrew Hessel continues to consider how biology is on track to become the next IT industry, looking specifically at how viruses function as biological software.

Andrew Hessel, Part 1, Executive Program December 2011 Singularity University

Singularity University's Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Faculty Andrew Hessel discusses synthetic biology, considering how cells are computers.

Highlights from IROS 2011

Singularity Hub visits the Intelligent Robots and Systems Conference 2011 in San Francisco.

CEO Cliff Reid Discusses Complete Genomics’ Human Genome Sequencing Technology

Singularity Hub recently talked one-on-one with Complete Genomics CEO Cliff Reid. In the following segment he gives an overview of CG's proprietary technology. Complete Genomics recently announced that they would include copy number variation...

Singularity Hub Drinks at BarBot 2011

The fourth annual BarBot event saw even more lush robots serving spirits in downtown San Francisco. Humans were treated to a variety of beverages, each served by a mechanical bartender.

Highlights from Robogames 2010

Singularity Hub presents highlights from the 2010 Robogames, the largest robot competition and expo in the United States.

Anybots Founder Trevor Blackwell Shows Off Dexter and Monty

Anybots founder Trevor Blackwell gives a brief introduction to Dexter and Monty. Dexter was Anybots attempt at a walking robot, and Monty, an experiment in mechanical arms and tele-operation. Both projects have been shelved...

Ray Kurzweil Speaks at Singularity University Opening Ceremony, 2010 Summer Session

Ray Kurzweil speaks at Singularity University's Opening Ceremony for the 2010 Summer Session.

Willow Garage PR2 Robot Flag Dance and Party

Watch as Willow Garage PR2 robots perform a synchronized flag dance and then see people partying it up with the robots!

Ekso Bionics eLegs at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

Ekso Bionics (formerly Berkeley Bionics) is testing eLegs, their exoskeleton walking device for paraplegics. Of the ten trial facilities, the only one at a public hospital is the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. I had...

Up Close With The Willow Garage PR2 Robot

An in-depth demonstration of the features and capabilities of the Willow Garage PR2 Robot.

Neato’s Robot Vacuum Cleans My Home

Neato's XV-11 robot vacuum just started shipping. I got ahold of one and set out to test it in my home. Lots went right, a few things went wrong.

Lee Sanders Discusses Health Literacy, Singularity Hub

Dr. Lee Sanders, a general pediatrician and Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the Stanford University and a nationally recognized scholar in the field of health literacy, considers how maternal health literacy moderates child health outcomes.

Paul Saffo & Vivek Wadhwa, Executive Program December 2011 Singularity University

Futurist Paul Saffo has a conversation with Vivek Wadhwa during the December 2011 Executive Program at Singularity University.

Vivek Wadhwa, Executive Program December 2011 Singularity University

Singularity University VP of Academics & Innovation Vivek Wadhwa talks about immigration, technology, and the profile of a entrepreneur at the December 2011 Executive Program.

Jason Springs, Executive Program December 2011

Jason Springs talks about medical diagnostics at the December 2011 Executive Program at Singularity University.

Gregg Maryniak, Executive Program December 2011

Maryniak talks about the future of Energy and Environmental Systems at the December 2011 Executive Program at Singularity University.

Chris deCharms, Executive Program December 2011

Chris deCharms gives a neuroscience lecture at the December 2011 Executive Program at Singularity University.

Ralph Merkle, Executive Program December 2011

Ralph Merkle gives a comprehensive high level overview of the Nanotechnology space.

Telomerase Gene Therapy Extends Lives Of Mice By Up To 24 Percent

Scientists are doing their best to give us the gift of immortality. The latest in the fight against ever dying is a gene therapy that gives mice a healthy dose of telomerase, the enzyme...

How Should a Singulatarian Vote?

As the 2012 U.S. Presidential election draws near, many followers of the Singularity are asking themselves how their vote might best reflect their desire for a positive outcome. There is even a movement to...

Kurzweil Featured In Superbowl Ad? Yes, It’s True!

If you were watching the Superbowl yesterday then you were probably as stunned as I was to see none other than Ray Kurzweil featured in a Best Buy commercial about "phone innovators".  Has the...

Your Body Wasn’t Built To Last: A Lesson From Human Mortality Rates

This post was originally published on the Gravity and Levity Blog, and has been republished on Singularity Hub with permission from the author What do you think are the odds that you will die during the...

Yes, We Got Hacked But We Fixed It – No More Malware Messages

So about 12 hours ago everyone started getting warning messages from their web browsers that they should not go to Singularity Hub because it was infested with malware.  Sadly, the web browsers were right....

Get Your Daily Dose Of Singularity Hub With Pulse

Singularity Hub has been selected as a featured source in Pulse, a seriously popular news application for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.  Pulse is a beautiful application that makes reading news fun and engaging....

Google+ is Awesome. Facebook Maimed, Twitter Mortally Wounded?

I´ve spent the last week playing with the new Google+, and I´m here to tell you the service is pretty damn awesome.  Dozens of Silicon Valley startups, especially social behemoths Facebook and Twitter, must...

Why Don’t We Video Chat More Often?

One of the most common staples of any futuristic movie or book has always been the video (or even holographic) phone call.  From Back to the Future to Star Trek, it seems as though...

Get Singularity Hub On Your Kindle

That's right, Singularity Hub is available on your Kindle, and has been for quite a long time actually.  If you have a Kindle and you love Singularity Hub (of course you do!) then why...

10,000 People Like Us…But We Want More!

Yesterday we crossed a pretty decent milestone here at the Hub - 10,000 people now "like" us on our Facebook page.  Although 10,000 fans is nothing to sneeze at, I hope you won't fault...

It’s Showtime: IBM’s Watson To Make History On Jeopardy!

Today, February 14, 2011, IBM's Watson computer system is slated to take on the world's best humans in a televised duel of the world famous game “Jeopardy!”.  Should Watson defeat its human competitors, it...

Harvard Scientists Reverse Aging in Mice – Total Bullsh*t

According to those idiots over at the Guardian, "Harvard scientists reverse the ageing process in mice – now for humans". As if that were not miraculous enough, the Guardian also claims that "Now...

We’re Hiring! Write For Singularity Hub

The world is advancing exponentially, and that means here at the Hub we need to cover more and more amazing breakthroughs everyday.  Translation: we need more writers!  If you are a talented writer with...

Android Crushing iPhone – Open Source For the Win

Google's Android is spreading like wildfire.  In little more than a year phones based on Google's Android OS have gone from clumsy looking wimps to worthy Apple iphone competitors.  The latest reports show that...

Immersive Technology Summit Oct 21, 2010

The Immersive Technology Summit will be hosted in Los Angeles October 21, 2010.  The Immersive Technology Summit has been a fantastic sponsor of the Hub, and we are excited to see their event come...

Kurzweil’s Blio Finally Launches – Here Is A First Look (FAIL)

Today K-NFB Reading Technology, backed by futurist Ray Kurzweil, officially released its highly anticipated Blio e-book platform for download to the public.  Yet in a move that seems painfully behind the times, the platform...

Singularity University To Hold Free Webinar Sept 13

On September 13, 2010 Singularity University will be hosting a free webinar showcasing the ambitious projects to improve the world developed by students from its recently completed 2010 Graduate Studies Program.  As we reported...

The Law Of Futurology

In pretty much all walks of life, humans are prone to making their theories and ideas conform to their own personal hopes and dreams.  This especially applies to futurists! When building a theory that we...

Support The Future: Become A Singularity Hub Sponsor

Do you or your organization like what we are doing here at the Hub?  Then why not become an official Singularity Hub sponsor and show us your love?  Not only will you be supporting...

Reverse-Engineering The Brain: Kurzweil Defends Ideas In Open Letter

At the most recent Singularity Summit on August 14, 2010 Ray Kurzweil delivered a keynote promoting his thesis on how and when mankind might understand the principles of operation of the human brain.  Yesterday...

Your Entire Life Recorded – Lifelogging Goes Mainstream

Lifelogging - recording every single minute of your life - is quickly moving from science fiction fantasy to real life phenomenon.  Of course to truly document every minute of your life today is still...

The 1000th Post Is Near…No Wait…It’s Here!

Crack open the champagne and light the fireworks - this is the 1000th post ever published on Singularity Hub.  It has been an exciting year for us at the Hub - in January we...

Singularity Summit 2010 – August 14-15 San Francisco

Now coming up on its fifth year, the Singularity Summit is the premier annual gathering for those interested in all things Singularity.  Hosted by the SIAI, the Summit brings together an impressive lineup of...

Singularity University Releases Inspirational Must Watch Video

Earlier this week Singularity University kicked off its second annual summer Graduate Studies Program 2010 (GSP 2010) with an impressive opening ceremony.  Singularity Hub posted detailed coverage of the event, including video footage of...

Ray Kurzweil Speaks at Singularity University 2010 Opening Ceremony

Earlier today I released a story covering the opening ceremonies for the Singularity University 2010 summer session, but I forgot to include a very important video!  The opening ceremony would not be complete without...

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