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New Studies Show Cells From Fetus End Up In Mothers’ Brains And Hearts

Source: Wikimedia Commons Microchimerism results when cells from two genetically distinct populations appear in the same tissue, organ, or individual, such as occurs... more

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Stem Cells Used To Bolster Body’s Cancer Fighting Cells

T cells have the natural ability to target and destroy cancer cells and scientists have long since sought a way to recruit these innate defenders to rid the body of... more

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European Project Aims To Create 1,500 New Stem Cell Lines

Stem cells derived from patients with disorders, such as these Parkinson's cells, could foster drug screening to find treatments and also provide researchers a valuable tool... more

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Paralyzed Dogs Walk After Transplant Of Cells Taken From Their Noses

British researchers successfully restored the ability to walk in paralyzed dogs. Special cells taken from the dogs’ noses and transplanted to injured areas caused... more

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Can You Hear Me Now? Stem Cells Restore Hearing In Deaf Gerbils – When Will It Work On Humans?

Human embryonic stem cells, induced to become auditory neurons (yellow), were implanted into gerbils. Replacing damaged auditory neurons allowed the gerbils to regain most... more

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Scientists are still unsure, but the neonatal cells contained in the spray are thought to release compounds that help the ulcer to heal.

New Spray Containing Neonatal Cells Helps Skin Heal Faster

Another group of scientists are trying to bottle the miracle of regenerative medicine. A new skin cell spray was shown to improve the conventional treatment for leg... more

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Donor tracheas could soon be replaced with entirely synthetic tracheas such as the one above which was coated with a woman's own stem cells and implanted last year.

Boy Who Received Stem-Cell Trachea Implant Doing Well After Two Years

Just as the Olympic Games are kicking off in London, one boy from the UK is pulling ahead in his race to live a normal, healthy life. Two years after becoming the first... more

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Doctors at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital were able to grow a major vein from a girl's stem cells.

Ten-Year-Old Girl Receives Major Vein Grown From Her Own Stem Cells

A 10-year-old Swedish girl has had a potentially life-threatening condition alleviated by receiving a vein grown from her own stem cells. Her condition, called... more

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