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Monthly Archives: June 2013

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Cyber-AJ Treats His Tremors With Targeted Electrical Shock to the Brain

Andrew Johnson, or Cyber-AJ, is one of the 10 million people suffering from Parkinson’s Disease (PD) worldwide. The disease is progressive, and it is devastating. Johnson recently described himself as a “39 year old trapped in a 89 year old body.” But earlier this year, his life was transformed by a technique increasingly prescribed to a subset of PD patients called deep brain stimulation (DBS).

Bob Richards & Naveen Jain — Fireside Chat At The 2013 Graduate Studies Program

Bob Richards & Naveen Jain are trustees of Singularity University and space entrepreneurs who discuss their vision for business and the fundamental shifts that are occurring in the world today. Hosted by CEO of SU, Rob...

PIP Biosensor Measures Stress and Gamifies the Art of Conscious Relaxation

Most of us know when we’re stressed. Physical cues like stomach butterflies, a flushed face, or muscle tension are hard to miss. Problem is, said symptoms can be very difficult to control. Once going—these things tend to snowball. The PIP biosensor Kickstarter aims to help folks mediate stress by objectively measuring symptoms, digitally visualizing the results, and then gamifying stress reduction. It’s the latest in an avalanche of sensors aiming to increase body awareness and health.

Ten Weeks To Change The World – Singularity University Launches Graduate Class Of 2013

The tired legs of 80 jetlagged students shuffle to their seats of Mountain View California’s Computer History Museum, in preparation for a summer that will change their lives and perhaps the world. “What unites...

Cheetah-cub Robot Mimics the Real Thing, Stable Even at Top Speeds

Remember watching Boston Dynamics’ cheetah robot outrun Usain Bolt? Meet its little cousin, Cheetah-cub, built by EPFL’s Biorobotics Laboratory (Biorob). Being just a cub, it’s no Usain Bolt, but Biorob believes it’s the fastest robot of its kind.

Google Shares Details of Futuristic New Office Park at NASA

It’s no secret Google’s building a high-tech portfolio beyond search, from self-driving cars to artificial intelligence. Out of the limelight, however, they’re building something else entirely—a new campus at NASA Moffett Field. Though the firm has been rather secretive about their new Bayview campus, a panel of designers and architects in involved in the project recently gave a talk at NASA, a stone’s throw from Singularity University. Down for the afternoon, I popped in to hear the gospel.

What The Future Of Global Energy Consumption Looks Like With LEGOs

Sometimes it's the simplest of explanations that can change your whole least, that's what statistics guru Hans Rosling hopes to achieve in a new video. Rosling, who is a professor of global health at the...

Tiny CubeSat Satellites Spur Revolution In Space

Ever dream of seeing the horizon’s curve from orbit? Or maybe just sending your smartphone into the wild blue to snap a shot for Instagram? For most of us, that first one may be out of reach for a little while longer—but option two? Closer than you think. Thanks to years of microchip and sensor miniaturization, we are now making useful satellites shockingly tiny and affordable.

John Hagel — Fireside Chat At The 2013 Graduate Studies Program

John Hagel III is a best-selling author, strategist, and co-founder of the Deloitte Center for the Edge Innovation. In his talk, he summarizes the major concepts of his books that deal with strategies for...

Will iRobot and Cisco’s New Robot Take a Bite Out of Business Travel?

If Cisco and iRobot have their way, robot CEOs may invade boardrooms from Tokyo to New York to London in 2014. iRobot and Cisco recently announced collaboration on the autonomous Ava 500 telepresence robot for business. The firms hope the Ava 500 will allow business people to attend daily meetings in person, across the planet—without ever changing a plane or time zone.

Inside Singularity University: Bloomberg Profiles SU On Brink TV Show

If you are excited about emerging technologies and how they can solve some of the world's greatest challenges, strap in for an inside look at Singularity University, courtesy of Bloomberg TV. At the beginning...

Terrafugia Flying Car Delayed Until at Least 2015, But Still Coming They Say

Is it a plane? Is it a car? Well, so far, a flying car prototype is the best answer—and a late one at that. Massachusetts firm, Terrafugia, has been promising delivery of the Transition for almost four years. The latest missed deadline? The end of 2012, and to date, still no Transition. As you’d expect, it’s hard to build a flying car.

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