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3D printing's potential in jewelry is creating beautiful, unexpected designs.

Matter.io Wants to Make 3D Modeling Easy as Instagram

3D printing is increasingly an essential part of industrial processes, but for those lacking digital design experience and who aren’t daily fabricating rocket motors or... more

Written By: | Posted: 02/20/14


3D Printing Stocks Fall, But Long-Term Prospects Remain Bright

When 3D Systems, a big maker of 3D printers and accessories, recently lowered their profit estimate for 2013 and outlook for 2014, their stock, and shares of other... more

Written By: | Posted: 02/13/14

Jens_Bauer_3d_printed_micromaterials (1)

Intricate 3D Printed Materials Lighter Than Water and as Strong as Steel

Using precision lasers, a Nanoscribe 3D printer can print models of the Empire State building in a space the width of a human hair. Watching the machine build through the... more

Written By: | Posted: 02/11/14


New Stratasys 3D Printer Makes Multi-Material, Full Color Parts in a Single Run

An industrial 3D printer hums to life at bicycle maker, Trek. The designers are prototyping a new hand grip of soft rubber layered over a core of hard... more

Written By: | Posted: 02/6/14


Kindhearted Techies 3D Print Prosthetics for Ducks With Disabilities

Thanks to a few thoughtful individuals and a 3D printer, Dudley the duck has a new lease on life. Still a duckling, Dudley and his siblings were placed in a cage at an... more

Written By: | Posted: 01/31/14


3D Systems and Sugar Lab Bring ChefJet 3D Sugar Printer to CES

For $5,000 to $10,000, high-end chefs will have a new toy and tool later this year—a 3D printer specializing in sugar. 3D Systems’ ChefJet series can print... more

Written By: | Posted: 01/13/14


Simple SkySweeper Robot a Mechanical Inchworm to Patrol Power Lines

Nick Morozovsky, an engineering graduate student at UC San Diego, exemplifies how much you can do with how little these days. His SkySweeper robot moves along cables... more

Written By: | Posted: 01/3/14


Progress in Efforts to Develop Lab-Grown Lungs: Functional Cells

Since the development of induced pluripotent stem cells in 2006, scientists have managed to use the manufactured stem cells like seeds to grow a wide range of tissues and... more

Written By: | Posted: 12/28/13

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