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Internet of Things

Latest significant advancements in the Internet of Things (IoT). Reporting on the far-reaching impacts of improvements in IoT on society and humanity.

Neuroscientists Discover ESP — But Is That A Good Thing?

In The Peripheral, the new stunner by cyberpunk godfather William Gibson, the reader is treated to a look at the future. It’s inexact, this future. The author, delightfully, gives it no date. Maybe it’s...

The Internet of Things Should ‘Rattle the Imagination’

We’ve often written about the “Internet of Things.” This is the idea that as chips get smaller, more energy efficient, and more connected, we’ll embed them in everything around us to enliven inanimate objects and...

When the Internet Sleeps

The internet is a little bit like an organism—a really huge organism, made up of over four billion IP addresses networked across the globe. How does the internet behave day to day? What are...

New Apple Watch and Other Smartwatches Merely a Step In Technology’s Great Disappearing Act

When the first Samsung smartwatch was released last year, there was a collective groan. It looked like a smartphone for your wrist, boasting a fraction of the capability. It was huge, heavy, and ugly....

These Battery-Free, WiFi Devices Run On Radio Waves

In the last decade, mobile devices have become radically smaller and more powerful. The list of tech-related tasks that the miniature black monolith we all tote around has grown longer by the year. The next step in...

Comcast Muddies Its Anti-Open Internet Position With Free Wi-Fi Hotspots

Those who believe in open-source soft- and hardware  often also believe in the value of free information over the Internet. But, chances are, they still want their own personal information to be private. The...

Basic Smartphones Now Cheap Enough to Replace Feature Phones Worldwide

Earlier this year, Mozilla announced their project to build and sell a $25 smartphone. The firm, maker of the Firefox web browser and mobile operating system, now says they’ll begin selling the device in...

Singularity Surplus: Computer Convenience For FDA Data, Paper and Pen, Power Outlets

The Scribble pen can identify and reproduce 16 million colors you might come across in daily life. The pen uses a 16-bit RGB color sensor to identify the colors of objects and reproduces them...

Staggering Promise of Exponential Technologies in a Succinct 5-Minute Video

Have you ever wanted to explain exponential technology to someone—but didn’t know where to start? We’ve got a video for you. Watch Peter Diamandis and DrawShop discuss six key technologies at the heart of...

Twitter-like Consumer App Arrives for the Internet of Things

While the Internet of Things continues to grow, its adoption is progressing much more slowly than that of, say, smartphones. The trouble may go back to Steve Jobs’s famous talking point: The Internet of Things lacks a common platform that “just works” the way the iPhone did. Freeboard and Dweet, two modular products from New York-based Bugs Labs, are trying to solve that problem.

Raspberry Pi Keeps Wowing Us Even Two Years After Launch

With the Raspberry Pi, a programmable credit card-sized computer, British computer scientists sought to rekindle garage innovation. What would young students do with the power of computing if they could buy a computer for just $35 and access all of its parts?

New App Offers Chat Without an Internet Connection

A San Francisco startup called Open Garden has a use for mesh networking that has drummed up excitement: a chat app that works even when there's no phone or internet service available.

Why Farmers Are Connecting Their Cows to the Internet

A Wi-Fi-connected collar called Silent Herdsman monitors cows' movements to determine, with the help of artificial intelligence software, when they are in heat. It may sound absurd, but the name of the game in milk production is impregnating cows as soon as possible after they’ve had their last calf.

There Are 7 Billion Mobile Devices On Earth, Almost One For Each Person

The adoption of new technologies is accelerating, and nowhere is the trend more obvious than in mobile computing. It took telephones some 45 years to enter mainstream use in the US. Mobile phones took seven years. Smartphones just four. Today, according to Cisco’s 2013 global mobile data forecast, there are almost as many mobile devices (7 billion) as there are humans on the planet, and online traffic from these devices in 2013 was 18 times greater than the entire Internet in 2000.

Wristband Lets Users Unlock Bitcoin Wallets With Heartbeats

The Nymi wristband that taps the user’s heartbeat as a biometric marker has said that it will also double as a bitcoin wallet. Is it revolutionary or just a digital twist on cash in pocket wallets?

Do You Trust Internet-Connected Appliances Enough To Let Them Run Your Home?

The idea that household appliances need Internet-connected capabilities has always seemed over the top. Take the example of Samsung’s infamous “smart fridge.” Debuted at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show, its RF4289 model came...

A Tile or Two to Keep Tabs on Things for the Absent-Minded

Some of us are more prone to misplacing items than others, but we’ve probably all lost something small and important at some point. Never fear. A more connected, smarter future has you covered. In this case, it’s by way of a small, white square called Tile.

The Humble Toothbrush Gets an Internet Makeover

To date, smart toothbrushes have tracked how long and how often users brush, displaying the data in a mobile app and, upon request, sharing it with the user’s dentist. But a newcomer to the field, Kolibree, tracks not just the quantity but the quality of brushing behavior.

Intel Aims For Post-Smartphone Era With SD Card-Sized Computer

At the annual Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month, Intel, one of the weightiest firms in the tech industry, endorsed wearable computing with the launch of a new chip designed for it. The company unveiled Edison, a computer the size of an SD card that supports multiple operating systems and features a 400-megahertz Quark processor with integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The Future of Search and the Internet of Everything According to Google’s Scott Huffman

In a recent interview with the Independent, Google engineering director, Scott Huffman, outlined the kind of future he thinks is right around the corner—a future when typing our queries into a little box will be seem downright archaic, and our interaction with technology will be more like a conversation. Instead of keyboards, we’ll have microphones and speakers in the ceiling recording conversations and giving answers to direct questions, like the Star Trek computer.

Ma Bell Dives Into Home Automation With Digital Life Package

Home automation is the rare futuristic idea that has almost universal appeal. Yet, it’s been slower to arrive than other, more controversial technologies. But a few recent developments suggest that it's edging toward mainstream adoption. AT&T is currently rolling out Digital Life, a home automation subscription service that connects alarm systems, security cameras, lights, thermostats and selected devices (like the iron) to a mobile app.

General Electric Expands Internet of Things to More Industrial Equipment

General Electric recently took a big step toward realizing the long overdue promise of the Internet of Things, when it more than doubled the industrial analytical software systems it offers to connect machines and handle their data. The company hopes to make its mark by significantly reducing the amount of “unplanned downtime” that industrial equipment undergoes, thereby bringing about economic benefits.

Intel Unveils Tiny, Low-Power Quark Chip For Internet of Things

Intel recently announced their newest line of chips, dubbed Quark, are a fifth the size and consume a tenth the power of Atom, their smallest low-power chip to date. Quark marks a shift, a few years in the making, from Intel’s traditional focus on powerful, fast processors for PCs. In fact, the chipline aims beyond even mobile. According to Intel CEO, Brian Krzanich, "Smartphones and tablets are not the end-state. The next wave of computing is still being defined. Wearable computers and sophisticated sensors and robotics are only some of the initial applications."

Amazon’s New Home Automation Storefront Offers Smart Locks, Light Bulbs, and Thermostats

Amazon’s latest dedicated storefront channels a well-worn idea—the fully automated home! The idea, common in 20th century visions of the future from the World’s Fair to the Jetsons, is at the same time futuristic and quaint. Something that’s always seemed right around the corner and never been fully realized.

Is Cisco’s Forecast of 50 Billion Internet-Connected Things by 2020 Too Conservative?

As a tech memes go, the Internet of Things is getting a bit long in tooth. The idea of internet-connected smart stuff has been heralded for years now. But where exactly are we in the quest to connect all things? Networking titan Cisco decided to put a number on it.

Will iRobot and Cisco’s New Robot Take a Bite Out of Business Travel?

If Cisco and iRobot have their way, robot CEOs may invade boardrooms from Tokyo to New York to London in 2014. iRobot and Cisco recently announced collaboration on the autonomous Ava 500 telepresence robot for business. The firms hope the Ava 500 will allow business people to attend daily meetings in person, across the planet—without ever changing a plane or time zone.

A Box With A Hidden Video Camera Documents Journey Through The Mail

Ever wondered what it was like to be a parcel? No? Silly you. Ruben van der Vleuten thinks you should know.

Coming Soon to a Body Near You? World’s Smallest Chip to Be Swallowable

Dumb things will soon be smart—you’ve heard it repeated ad nauseum. Cyborg-Earth will bristle with uncounted hordes of tiny embedded chips; smart-roads will talk to smart-cars, warning of black ice; smart-buildings will hold court with smartphones, regulating temperature and lights to match prefences and schedule; trees, oceans, and glaciers will dutifully report real-time conditions to scientists.

Google Fiber Expands In Kansas City, Heads To Austin Next

If you suffer from Google Fiber envy, which delivers close to gigabit speeds, there's good news: you don't have to move to Kansas anymore. It was only last November when Google Fiber launched in Kansas...

Why Wait For Google Fiber? UK Farmers Want Faster Internet, Build Their Own

Last November, neighborhoods in Kansas City became the first to enjoy the 1Gbps Internet speed made possible through Google Fiber. As Google considers the possibility of bringing Fiber to other communities (some signs points to Canada as a possible spot), a group of remote farmers in the UK with sluggish Internet speeds decided they didn't want to wait on their ISPs, the government, or even Google to deliver an upgrade to their broadband speeds. They opted to build an ultrafast fiberoptic network themselves.

LEDs to Outsell Traditional Light Bulbs in 5 Years

Thomas Edison didn’t invent the light bulb—but he did relentlessly test the materials and design that took the technology mainstream. Edison’s first incandescent bulb powered on in 1879. A little over 130 years on it remains king, but semiconductor technology is making a run at the throne. IMS Research says that by 2018, consumers will prefer LED bulbs over incandescents.

Now Learners Don’t Need An Internet Connection To Watch Khan Academy Lessons

The Khan Academy has had quite a year and to end 2012 on an even higher note, the organization recently introduced Khan Academy Lite, or KA Lite, which provides a version of the service's popular...

$25 Million Michigan Project Hopes to Add Cars to Internet of Things

The US Department of Transportation (DOT) is conducting a 12-month, $25 million study to see if cars sending data to each other over Wi-Fi can make driving safer. Cars talking to each other and maybe braking...

Google Fiber Finally Launches: Kansas City Homes Now Get Superfast 1 Gigabit Internet

Citizens of Kansas City who signed up for Google Fiber are about to see how fast online access can be with the company's new fiber-optic infrastructure. The company, which started home installations recently, has...

Kickstarter Funding Success LIFX Proposes Networked LED Smartbulbs

Ever wish you could network all your devices, toaster to television, and manage them on your smartphone? Well, that vision just edged closer with the LIFX LED WiFi enabled smart light bulb. Using your smartphone...

Recorded Future Attempts To Unlock The Predictive Power Of The Web

What’s going to happen tomorrow? What about next week or next year? Recorded Future says they can tell you. No, they don’t claim to be psychics. In fact, they maintain that any one of...

Most Viral Video of all Time? Kony Video Released 7 Days Ago Has 70+ Million Views

This weekend I became the 55,240,519th person to view a certain YouTube video. Can you guess which one? After being posted on March 5th, a video about a murderous leader of an Ugandan guerrilla...

On the Internet of Things IBM Tracks Your Pork From Farm to Fork. Starting with China

IBM has set out to prove it can revolutionize the food industry with data, starting with China. Six industrial slaughterhouses and 100 markets in Shandong Province are part of a large scale test in...

How Social Media Is Ruining Your Mind

The ongoing creation of Web 2.0 has transformed the average internet denizen into a strange hybrid of producer and consumer. Everyone is now a 'prosumer', and this new role is apparently very addictive. Social...

UN Declares Internet Access A Human Right, But Fast and Cheap May Be as Important as Open

You have a right to the internet...maybe even a fast internet. In a breakthrough report to the 17th session of the United Nations' Human Rights Council, UN Special Rapporteur Frank La Rue from Guatemala...

Pepsi’s New Social Vending Machine Lets You Reach Out And Refresh Someone (video)

There are few things as social as sharing a drink with someone, even if that someone is thousands of miles away. PepsiCo recently unveiled their Social Vending System, an advanced vending machine cabinet with...

Tracking Every Pill, Every Piece Of Food – The Internet Of Things Cometh

IBM may be a big scary corporation, but there are bigger and scarier worries out there. Among them is counterfeit prescription drugs. According to the computer giant, around 10% of the medication consumed globally...

Stickybits Is Like Twitter For the Internet of Things (video)

Imagine every object with a barcode suddenly gaining a Twitter feed, but with photos, and videos as well as comments and links. That, in essence, is Stickybits. The New York City based startup combines...

Arrayent: Bringing You The Internet Of Things

Silicon Valley based Arrayent is finding ways to bring even the simplest of electronic devices onto the web. When you connect your household devices to the internet you gain a level of control and...

Vu Tries to Undercut Cisco with Cheaper Telepresence

A couple of months ago we discussed the decline of business travel and the rise of high quality video conferencing from companies like Cisco, HP, and Polycom. The trend of telepresence is on the...

Cisco Telepresence Coming To Your Home Despite Alternatives

I couldn't be home for Christmas this year, so I video chatted with my family instead. The picture quality was a little spotty with breaks, freezes, and frequent ghosting. Still, the experience was passable...

Old Trick Enhances Modern 3D Video Teleconferencing

Modern teleconferencing is taking its cues from beyond the grave! Pepper's Ghost is an old stage illusion that was originally developed in the Victorian era to give the illusion of floating spirits visiting a...

Finland Guarantees Right to Broadband Internet Access

Finland continues to demonstrate its position as a technology hub and leader in telecommunications by guaranteeing its citizens the right to broadband internet access. Earlier in the year, legislators had promised 100 Mbps by...

Business Travel Declines With Telepresence Conference Calls

Business executives with an upcoming meeting have two choices: they can pack their things, travel to the airport, catch a flight, unpack in a hotel, and take a cab to an office...or they can...

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